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  1. Looks nice! Hopefully the interior plan has fewer one-directional staircases, strangely numbered floors and inter-dimensional portals than the original Architecture building.

    Glad I’m not the one trying to keep the exterior looking clean though.

  2. Thanks, Nick – we like it too.

    We won’t be fitting any interdimensional portals as part of the project, but you never know what the Interior Architecture or Interactive Design students will come up with.

    The plan is to renumber the mezzanine floor in the existing building – it’s actually at first floor height – and go ground, first, second, third, fourth across both buildings.

    The brickwork should retain a clean appearance for longer than the white render on the existing AAD building. The sooner the railway is electrified, the better!

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  5. During this building phase, Its a shame that we can’t build a bridge across the railway, a nice wide one from the raised terrace in the pictures, right across to the main building. As the University expands, there’s a reall pressing need to create an Eastern rail crossing, from Library, Engineering, Art & Design, to the Main Building and the rest of the Brayford.

    • Hi Chris

      A new bridge was costed (at just over £1m) as part of the planning process for the new building, but the University decided to maximise its investment in teaching and learning facilities instead.

      We are developing a much less expensive scheme to significantly improve the existing bridge between the AAD Building and the Main Admin Building, as well as widening and improving footpaths to ease movement around the campus.

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