New seminar room MC3107

We’re building 12 new seminar and lecture rooms for this September. Here’s one of them: MC3107 in the MHT Building, a new seminar room for 29 people.

Sketches of MC3107 in presentation mode (left) and group work mode (right)


MC3107 will be one of nine ‘fluid layout’ seminar rooms on campus by September. The room will be equipped with Node chairs and mobile whiteboards to enable rapid transitions between front-facing presentations and small group activities. With no ‘correct’ layout and plenty of space per person, students and staff will be able to move around easily to suit their activities.

With natural light and great views to the north and west, we think MC3107 will become an exciting place for interactive, creative seminars. MC3107 will also be bookable by students and staff, as are all seminar and lecture rooms on campus.

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