New room information panels

room-info-panelWe’re installing new information panels in lecture and seminar rooms to clarify:

  • how to get support and give feedback
  • how we’d like you to use rooms for the benefit of all students and staff
  • how to book rooms

We’ve started with the Main Admin Building today and will roll this out across the campus in the next couple of months, including in the new teaching and learning spaces we’re creating this summer.

We’ll update the panels over time – for example, when the new room booking system goes live.

4 thoughts on “New room information panels

    • Hi Jack. Sure – the new system is being built by our ICT Services developers. Linda Randoll is the project manager and Caroline Low is the project sponsor. The system will be managed by the Timetabling & Room Bookings team and local administrators across the campus. It should greatly simplify finding and booking rooms for all students and staff.

  1. Hi Sam,
    I’d be keen to see something on the room notices about how unacceptable graffti, chewing gum and food and drink spillages are in the rooms. Especially the graffiti, not so much with the new furniture as this seems to be fairly graffiti proof, but in the theatres and rooms with light fabrics and white walls its quite disgusting. It’s a real shame that the thought and processes that are gone through to provide innovative, comfortable and effective learning environments are abused in this way to the detriment of staff, students and other users of the estate.

    • Hi Kerry,
      Thanks for your feedback. I agree wholeheartedly. There is so much that is covered by the simple principle of “leave the room as you would wish to find it”. We’d like to keep the message as positive as possible – we couldn’t think of another way to word the “Don’t move furniture between rooms”, unfortunately.

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