Evolution in progress: JBL update

The Joseph Banks Laboratories and Minster House are progressing well. Demolition of the old interiors and outbuildings is complete and the main works are underway. The Schools of Life Sciences and Pharmacy are planning to move into the new facilities in July 2014.


For the past 12 months, the University’s architects, Marchini Curran Associates, have been working closely with a team from the University’s College of Sciences, Estates & Commercial Facilities and ICT Services to design the new facilities.

Marchini Curran’s design fuses the unique requirements of 21st century research laboratories with the University’s Learning Landscapes and Student as Producer principles.

Visually, the new design integrates the University’s corporate identity with thematic elements specific to the new facilities and the teaching and research they will host.

For a closer look at the new design, please visit the updated project page.

We’re extremely excited about how this project is progressing. We’d love to receive your comments and questions via the form below – and please share this post with friends and colleagues.

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