AAD Building – new map and room numbers

We are introducing a new map and room numbering system to both halves of the extended AAD Building, to make it more navigable for students, staff and visitors.

To view the map of the new AAD building, please click on the image below:


Room number changes

The following indicates room numbers changes to the older part of the AAD building (West).

All existing room numbers will change to allow a standard format to be adopted across the whole building. The building is split into east and west and many old room numbers may now have new numbers assigned to them. An example room change is as follows:

  • AR2204 to AAD3W20 (this translates as AAD Building, third floor west, room 20)

The new room numbers will be completed before the start of term. Staff occupation in the new extension will begin from 19 August.

Existing No New No Room Name
Ground Floor  
AR0001 AAD0W66 Entrance Lobby
AR0002 AAD0W01 Atrium
AR0003 AAD0W65 Lobby
AR0004 AAD0W02 Tech Store
AR0005 AAD0W64 Stair 2
AR0006 AAD0W59 Lobby
AR0007 AAD0W62 Cleaners’ Cupboard
AR0008 AAD0W17 Comms Room
AR0009 AAD0W60 Lift Shaft 1
AR0010 AAD0W19 Security Office
AR0011 AAD0W20 Kitchen
AR0012 AAD0W67 Lobby
AR0013 AAD0W22 Gents’ WC
AR0014 AAD0W68 Lobby
AR0015 AAD0W69 Stair 3
AR0016 AAD0W23 Disabled WC
AR0017 AAD0W70 Lobby
AR0018 AAD0W24 Ladies’ WC
AR0019 AAD0W71 Lobby
AR0020 AAD0W72 Plant Room
AR0021 AAD0W61 Lift Shaft 2
AR0101 AAD0W11 Machine Shop
AR0102 AAD0W12 General Workshop
AR0103 AAD0W13 Model Workshop
AR0104 AAD0W16 Office
AR0105 AAD0W15 Tool Store
AR0106 AAD0W14 3D Printing
AR0107 AAD0W25 Lecture Theatre
AR0109 AAD0W18 Store
AR0108 AAD0W63 Riser
AR0110 AAD0W26 Store
AR0200 AAD0W58 Corridor
AR0201A AAD0W03 Photo Studio
AR0201B AAD0W04 Photo Studio
AR0201C AAD0W05 Digital Print Room
AR0201D AAD0W06 Office
AR0202 AAD0W57 Lobby
AR0203 AAD0W54 Stair 1
AR0204 AAD0W53 Gas Meter Corridor
AR0205 AAD0W52 Substation
AR0206 AAD0W56 Corridor
AR0207 AAD0W09 Drying Room
AR0208 AAD0W10 Processing Room
AR0209 AAD0W08 Darkroom
AR0210 AAD0W07 Rostrum Camera
AR0211 AAD0W55 Riser
AR0212 AAD0W51 Plant Room
First Floor (previously Mezzanine)
AR107U AAD0W25R Lecture Theatre (Rear)
ARM000 AAD1W56 Stair 2
ARM001 AAD1W55 Corridor
ARM002 AAD1W54 Corridor
ARM003 AAD1W52 Lobby
ARM004 AAD1W51 Stair 1
ARM005 AAD1W53 Corridor
ARM006A AAD1W02 Maya Suite
ARM006B AAD1W03 Seminar Room
ARM007 AAD1W01 Office
ARM010 AAD1W14 Disabled WC
ARM011 AAD1W57 Riser
ARM012 AAD1W58 Lobby
ARM013 AAD1W59 Cleaners’ Store
ARM014 AAD1W13 Ladies’ WC
ARM015 AAD1W60 Lobby
ARM016 AAD1W12 Gents’ WC
ARM020 AAD1W61 Lobby
ARM021 AAD1W63 Stair 3
ARM022 AAD1W62 Lobby
ARM023 AAD1W64 Lobby
ARM024 AAD1W65 Riser
ARM025 AAD1W10 Projection Room
ARM101 AAD1W06 Product Design Studio
ARM104 AAD1W07 Product Design Studio
ARM106 AAD1W08 Mac Suite
ARM108 AAD1W09 Mac Suite
ARM200A AAD1W05 CLM Teaching
ARM200B AAD1W04 CLM Teaching
ARM201 AAD1W11 Lecture Theatre
Second Floor (previously First Floor)
AR1000 AAD2W63 Stair 2
AR1001 AAD2W61 Corridor
AR1002 AAD2W54 Corridor
AR1003 AAD2W64 Corridor
AR1004 AAD2W22 Ladies’ WC
AR1005 AAD2W21 Disabled WC
AR1006 AAD2W56 Lobby
AR1007 AAD2W57 Cleaners’ Store
AR1008 AAD2W20 Gents’ WC
AR1009 AAD2W55 Riser
AR1011 AAD2W52 Lobby
AR1012 AAD2W51 Stair 1
AR1013 AAD2W58 Lobby
AR1014 AAD2W25 Store
AR1015 AAD2W62 Riser
AR1016 AAD2W26 Store
AR1017 AAD2W60 Riser
AR1018 AAD2W59 Riser
AR1021 AAD2W65 Lobby
AR1022 AAD2W66 Stair 3
AR1023 AAD2W68 Lobby
AR1024 AAD2W70 Lobby
AR1025 AAD2W67 Lobby
AR1026 AAD2W32 Kitchen
AR1027 AAD2W33 Store
AR1101 AAD2W19 Manufacturing Studio
AR1102 AAD2W23 Pattern Cutting Room
AR1103 AAD2W24 Pattern Cutting Room
AR1104 AAD2W29 Fashion Design Store
AR1104A AAD2W28 Office
AR1105 AAD2W30 Knitting Room
AR1107 AAD2W31 Millinery Studio
AR1110 AAD2W27 AAD Data Centre
AR1201 AAD2W18 Fashion Design Studio
AR1202 AAD2W17 Fashion Design Studio
AR1203 AAD2W15 Fabric Store
AR1204 AAD2W14 Office
AR1205 AAD2W13 Office
AR1206 AAD2W12 Office
AR1207 AAD2W11 Office
AR1208 AAD2W09 Office
AR1209 AAD2W08 Office
AR1210 AAD2W07 Office
AR1211 AAD2W06 Office
AR1212 AAD2W05 Office
AR1213 AAD2W04 Office
AR1214 AAD2W03 Office
AR1215 AAD2W02 Office
AR1216 AAD2W01 Office
AR1217 AAD2W10 Garment Store
AR1218 AAD2W16 Copy and Print
ARM201U AAD1W11R Lecture Theatre (Rear)
N/A AAD2W53 Riser
Third Floor (previously Second Floor)  
AR2000 AAD3W64 Stair 2
AR2001 AAD3W61 Corridor
AR2002 AAD3W62 Riser
AR2003 AAD3W53 Corridor
AR2004 AAD3W57 Lobby
AR2005 AAD3W27 Ladies’ WC
AR2006 AAD3W26 Disabled WC
AR2007 AAD3W55 Lobby
AR2008 AAD3W56 Cleaners’ Store
AR2009 AAD3W25 Gents’ WC
AR2010 AAD3W51 Stair 1
AR2011 AAD3W59 Corridor
AR2012 AAD3W63 Lobby
AR2013 AAD3W65 Corridor
AR2014 AAD3W67 Lobby
AR2015 AAD3W70 Stair 3
AR2016 AAD3W69 Riser
AR2017 AAD3W66 Riser
AR2019 AAD3W58 Riser
AR2101 AAD3W24 Studio
AR2102 AAD3W28 CAD Studio
AR2103 AAD3W30 Learning Support
AR2104 AAD3W29 Print Area
AR2105 AAD3W32 Studio
AR2105 AAD3W31 Studio
AR2106 AAD3W01 Studio
AR2201 AAD3W23 Archive
AR2202 AAD3W22 Office
AR2203 AAD3W21 Archive
AR2204 AAD3W20 Kitchen
AR2205 AAD3W19 Archive
AR2206 AAD3W18 Office
AR2207 AAD3W17 Office
AR2208 AAD3W16 Office
AR2209 AAD3W15 Office
AR2210 AAD3W14 College Office
AR2211 AAD3W13 Meeting room
AR2212 AAD3W12 Office
AR2213 AAD3W11 Office
AR2214 AAD3W10 Office
AR2215 AAD3W09 Office
AR2216 AAD3W08 Office
AR2217 AAD3W07 Office
AR2218 AAD3W06 Office
AR2219 AAD3W05 Office
AR2220 AAD3W04 Office
AR2221 AAD3W03 Office
AR2222 AAD3W02 Office
N/A AAD3W52 Lobby
N/A AAD3W54 Riser
N/A AAD3W60 Riser
N/A AAD3W68 Lobby
Fourth Floor (previously Third Floor)  
AR3000 AAD4W61 Stair 2
AR3001 AAD4W57 Lobby
AR3003 AAD4W03 Store
AR3004 AAD4W55 Lobby
AR3005 AAD4W04 Ladies’ WC
AR3006 AAD4W05 Disabled WC
AR3007 AAD4W53 Lobby
AR3008 AAD4W06 Gents’ WC
AR3009 AAD4W54 Cleaners’ Store
AR3010 AAD4W51 Stair 1
AR3011 AAD4W52 Plant Room
AR3020 AAD4W59 Electrical Riser
AR3021 AAD4W58 Mechanical Riser
AR3022 AAD4W62 Lobby
AR3023 AAD4W63 Stair 3
AR3101 AAD4W01 Studio
AR3102 AAD4W02 Office
N/A AAD4W60 Riser
N/A AAD4W56 Corridor

7 thoughts on “AAD Building – new map and room numbers

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  2. Thanks for your comments, everyone. We apologise for the initial confusion the new room numbers may cause, but we are sure that the changes will make sense once the extension opens.

    The “mezzanine” floor, which is actually at first floor height, has caused a great deal of confusion over the years, and is being relabelled to put a stop to this.

    Once all the new signage is up, and the building maps are placed across the building, it should be much easier to navigate around.

  3. I can see the theory behind the construction of the new room numbers but from a practical stance, I worry that when the students look on their timetables and see ‘AAD0W25R’, they may find it confusing (especially International and DART students). To be frank, I’m not sure how you can call that a room number, it looks more like a voucher code for some online retailer. In a society that is engaged with the Plain English campaign, I feel these room numbers are not the right way to go.

  4. I have to say that I agree with the previous comment. Especially confusing for DART and International students, let alone for the rest of us. Yes I can see the logic and you can work it out (with some guidance) but the numbers (or codes) are way too long.

    Doesn’t seem to have been any consultation with the users of this building. Is it too late to reconsider?

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