Update for Student Experience Committee

We’re now publishing Learning Landscapes updates for the University’s Education Committee, Graduate Committee and Student Experience Committee in the form of website posts instead of traditional committee papers. This means that the updates can be:

  • Public
  • Interactive
  • Richer, with hyperlinks, images, audio and video as well as text

We’ll aim to publish the updates one week before the relevant meetings, to give students and staff an opportunity to post comments and questions before or after the meetings. Please share your comments using the form at the bottom of this post.

Campus improvement projects

If you missed our full report on this summer’s campus improvements, or would like a reminder, please click here. Here are some updates on progress since the last report:

  • Landscaping – the improvements to Library Square are complete, with new trees, outdoor seating, and an elevated stage for outdoor performances greatly improving this key outdoor space. A new boulevard runs from Library Square through to the Science Centre, improving access to this whole side of the campus. The current phase of landscaping work is now largely complete, and we are planning for further improvements to the outdoor environment. Further information is available on the project page.
  • Joseph Banks Laboratories and Minster House – main construction works are well advanced and are expected to finish on 13 January. The distinctive double-helix cladding is being installed this week on the outside of the Nucleus (pictured below), which will be the social hub of the building. The new home for the Schools of Life Sciences,  Pharmacy and Chemistry will open in Summer 2014. Further information is available on the project page.

JBL south in progress

We are developing a range of new campus improvement projects for consideration. Students and staff can view the full list of current and proposed projects on the Projects page on the Portal (University account required).

Travel survey

On the back of the recent Student and Staff Travel Survey, we are looking to encourage more students and staff to cycle to and from the campus. New cycle parking stands will be installed adjacent to the Engineering Hub as part of the landscaping works. In addition, we are seeking funding for cycle parking at the Sports Centre and David Chiddick Building.

New signage

We are making a number of improvements to campus signage, to facilitate navigation and improve the University’s visibility from key pedestrian, road and rail approaches. As part of this, students and staff may have noticed new energy-efficient LED-illuminated signs around campus; and a complete new set of directional signs within the MHT Building. Further signage improvements will follow during 2014.

New room booking system

The new Room Booking system developed by the ICT Services team was activated in October. Students and staff can now book over 100 learning spaces and meeting rooms in real time with instant confirmation at


Further rooms will be added to the system during 2014.

The ability to book rooms quickly and easily for groupwork and extracurricular activities directly supports the University’s Student as Producer principle.

We will also use data on room popularity, group sizes and usage patterns to inform planning of new facilities.

Cleaning, maintenance and security

The University’s new cleaning, maintenance and security contracts are now up and running, and our new Support Desk fulfilled 2,315 service requests from students and staff in November.

The new contracts are intended to encourage closer collaboration between the University and its service providers. As part of the transition to the new arrangements, we are working with representatives from across the University and Students’ Union to clarify customer needs and service requirements. Students and staff may also have noticed that our engineering maintenance staff, security staff, cleaners, porters and postal staff have new uniforms bearing the University logo. We will share further updates in the New Year.

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