Summer Works Programme – Investment in Brayford Campus

Construction-triangleThe University will undertake a range of building works during the coming months to improve the staff and student experience. Projects will include new builds and refurbishment of existing spaces.

All of the new teaching and learning spaces will incorporate the lessons learned from recent Learning Landscapes projects, facilitating collaboration in line with Student as Producer.

All of the major projects will be featured in more detail on this website.

Highlights of this summer’s programme include:

    • Joseph Banks Laboratories and Minster House
      The first two buildings on the new Lincoln Science & Innovation Park will open by the start of the next academic year and will be home to the School of Chemistry, the School of Life Sciences and the School of Pharmacy. [more detail]


    • Art, Architecture and Design
      The consolidation of the School of Art & Design will be completed this summer. The Art & Design workshops and Animation facilities in the Think Tank will move into new spaces in the AAD Building. New seminar and office spaces will also be provided and the Atrium will be improved with new furniture. These works will begin on 16 June and be completed by 12 September 2014.


    • Student Village
      Courts 1-5 will be fully refurbished during the summer with new fixtures, fittings and white goods being installed.


    • Bridge House
      Works to convert the former Complementary Medicine clinic into offices will begin on 11 August and be completed by 5 September.


    • Psychology (Main Admin Building) – Ventilation
      Works to install new ventilation systems will begin on 18 August and be completed by 12 September.


    • External Redecoration of Campus Buildings
      A number of buildings on the Brayford Campus will be redecorated during the summer period.


  • MHT Building Fireproofing Works and Carpeting
    Statutory works will begin on 23 June and be completed by 18 July. The building will also benefit from new carpets on several floors, which will be installed throughout  the summer.

For more information on these projects and other campus improvement projects, please look out for progress updates via the Daily Alert or on the Learning Landscapes website.

2 thoughts on “Summer Works Programme – Investment in Brayford Campus

  1. I heard from a few people who stayed in courts 1-5 last year that they sucked compared to the others.
    Have they now been fully refurbished for the year 14/15 students?

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