Atrium Phase Two

We are investing in major improvements to the Atrium to increase comfort, capacity and choice for students and staff. The first phase of improvements was completed in summer 2012; the second, more substantial, phase will be completed this summer.

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The Atrium is our largest indoor space, bringing together students, visitors and staff from all parts of the University to eat, drink and socialise, and increasingly, to learn and work. The Atrium accommodates events and gatherings of all kinds, from election hustings to tea parties to international conferences, throughout the year.

The Atrium remained largely unchanged from its construction in 1996 until 2012, when we started this improvement programme. This year, we will be transforming the Atrium on all four of its levels to increase comfort, capacity and choice for the benefit of all students, staff and visitors.

Design walkthrough

SLIDES_Page_1New entrance lobbies at both ends of the building will reduce draughts and keep the Atrium warmer in winter, making it more comfortable for occupants as well as reducing the University’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. Each lobby will have a revolving door, as well as push-pad activated automatic doors for wheelchair users, and fire escape doors for emergency egress.

Inside the building on the ground floor, the ‘street’ through the building will be decluttered to reduce crowding around the lecture theatres and dining area.

Servery EntranceThe servery tills and vending machines will move into a new ‘pod’ to the left of the servery. We will also be building a new high-quality coffee bar in a pod to the right of the servery. In the dining area itself, additional power sockets will be installed in the two alcoves to better support people using mobile devices.

The central stairs, which impede circulation on the ground floor, will be removed, and new stairs will lead to two new first floor lounges, which will be located close to the 20 seminar rooms on the first floor so that students and staff can gather to work or relax before, during and after seminars. The new first floor lounges, and the existing first floor landings, will receive comfortable new seating and tables to support work and relaxation.

On the relatively quiet second floor, 16 new sofas with coffee tables will be installed on the existing landings to create more comfortable informal space for students, staff and visitors. This will be of particular interest to Psychology students who are based on this floor, but will also support the building as a whole.

boothThe third floor will also gain 16 new sofas with coffee tables. In addition, we are widening the central walkway along this floor from 1.5m to 4.5m to create a new informal student and staff workspace, with Cloud Desktop computers, power sockets for mobile devices, and whiteboards for brainstorming. The new space will adjoin three new seminar and staff development rooms which will lead to an outdoor terrace. More about the third floor »

These changes will transform the Atrium from a single-level space largely disconnected from the upper floors of the building into a four-level space offering a great deal of choice for students, staff and visitors.


The changes will be carried out during the summer vacation ready for the 2013/14 academic year. More details will be published here once the construction and building management programme is finalised. We are also consulting and communicating directly with departments affected by the building works.

Your views

We are very excited about the positive impact this project will have on the student, staff and visitor experiences at the University. We would love to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments about this project, or suggestions for other projects, please let us know using the comments form below, tweet us @LincolnEstates, or email

Project team

Architectural design is by Core Architects. Project management and space planning are by the University’s Estates & Commercial Facilities team. IT fitout is by the University’s Information & Communications Technology team.

Progress updates
by Dave Prichard

11 October – Our beautiful new Atrium is complete!


20 September – The new elevations are both up and are looking fantastic! The space looks stunning.


Work will continue on the new coffee dispensary and front entrance over the next two weeks.

11 September – We’ve had some fantastic feedback on the new Atrium space and the second phase is now well under way. The new elevation structure is nearly complete and will mirror the one opposite shown below. Work continues on the new doorway, the foundations are being laid this week.


28 August – The floor is now in and ready to be tiled on the new elevation. The revolving door is in and the respective glazing installation is under way.

DSC_3461 DSC_3462

Also, check out our fabulous new sign on the Main Admin Building!


22 August – The area for the new coffee bar has begun to take shape:



Also the floor for the First Floor extension is also being installed today. At the end of the month, the building works will flip round as work begins on the other side of the Atrium.


16 August – Work has begun on the frontage for Catering and the new platform is preparing for flooring!


8 August 2013 – the new Atrium is really beginning to take shape now, with the first platform in place and the new stairs being welded on.

DSC_2855 DSC_2854

The new entrance on the West side has also progressed, with the revolving door now in place. Glazing will be added to surround the new fixture, making the Atrium a much warmer prospect come the winter months.


1 August 2013 – just a quick update as I just wanted to share an image of the new floor going in. Huge steel works are currently being place from the existing columns to the centre of the floor.

DSC_2731 DSC_2729

30 July 2013 – having been a little quiet, it’s action stations this week! The staircase is coming down and the new steel work is ready to go in. Also, our new and beautiful hoarding is up!

DSC_2723 DSC_2718 DSC_2720 DSC_2721

10 July 2013 – this week, the piling work took place for the new staircase. The existing staircase will be removed and the first floor will extend over that space. The image below shows where the new stairs will be fitted:


28 June 2013 – only a small update this week, the hoarding has gone up dividing the Atrium space in two. In the coming weeks access to the Jackson Lecture Theatre side will be restricted. Sign posts will be up showing how to access each floor during the works.


21 June 2013 – so before work starts on the Atrium, we thought it would be useful to photograph the existing layout:

DSC_2187 DSC_2188 DSC_2189

16 May 2013 – the project budget has been approved by the University’s Senior Management Team. Let’s do this.

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  4. with regard to the revolving doors into the main building, is it certain that these doors will be able to cope with the hundreds of students needing to move in and out especially at lecture changeover times. Will there be alternative doors as well as the revolving ones?

    • Hi Chris. Our architects have selected the doors with the traffic patterns in mind. There will be pushpad-activated doors next to the revolving doors; these are primarily for wheelchair users, but they can supplement the revolving doors’ capacities when needed.

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