Jackson Lecture Theatre

The Jackson Lecture Theatre is one of our largest teaching spaces. It is also one of our oldest, being essentially unchanged since its construction in 1996. This year, we are enlarging and upgrading the JLT to improve the student experience and meet the University’s growing requirement for large, high-quality lecture space.

Progress updates
by Dave Prichard

23 September – Done! And looking fantastic!


21 August – The Jackson looks huge now that the dividing walls have been removed. The images below show how large the new 340-seater lecture theatre will be.

DSC_3226 DSC_3221

7 August 2013 – access to this site is a little difficult, hence the less regular updates being placed. This is because there is demolition taking place on both sides. The image below shows one wall having been knocked down ready for the seating to be extended.


The side behind the camera view will also be removed to extend the lecture theatre to a 330-seater. The AV room has been moved to the far right of the image above.

21 June 2013 – So before the works begin, we thought it would be useful to show you the existing facilities before they are updated!

DSC_2198 DSC_2199 DSC_2200

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