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Wow, it’s been a busy summer, but the works aren’t quite complete yet. Many of you will have seen the new paving being laid from the Architecture Building across to Library Square. The paths have been significantly widened to allow better access and new landscape furniture has been added throughout. New trees and grassed areas are also planned. We expect these works to be complete in early November (weather permitting!). Here are the latest photos:

DSC_0681 DSC_0685 DSC_0688 DSC_0689 DSC_0691



We’re developing a landscaping strategy for the whole Brayford Pool campus.¬†Once the strategy is agreed, it will be implemented in phases over the next few years, starting this summer.

Here’s an early look at the proposed designs for five key areas:

  • Library Square
  • The Delph Pond
  • The River Witham frontage
  • The eastern approach along the edge of the Brayford Pool
  • The north east quadrant around the Main Admin Building and MHT Building

Please let us know what you think of the designs so far via the comments form below, or by emailing

Library Square

RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_03 RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_04


The Delph Pond

RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_01 RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_02


River Witham Frontage

RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_07


The Eastern Approach

RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_08 RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_09


The North East Quadrant

RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_10 RF13-091-IN14 Coloured plans and montages_Page_11

30 thoughts on “Landscaping

  1. The plans look really nice. The problem I find with the Uni at the moment is that in summer months there isn’t really any places to sit outside and these plans definitely address this issue. One thing I am wondering though is parking. If you are replacing the current parking area by the Archi field, where will people who park there go?

    • Thanks, Melissa. Yes – there’ll be loads of outdoor seating options once this is completed.

      Regarding parking: the campus masterplan includes a plot for a multistorey car park which would allow us to remove most of the surface-level parking.

  2. This looks really exciting! If the first phase is beginning this summer, when is it hoped that the whole project will be completed? It’s incredible to see so much construction and progress being made year on year!

  3. looks lovely but since it rains now and then, wouldn’t it be nice to have some covered walkway for students to take shelter when it rains?

    • Hi Cindy. Thanks very much – that’s a very good point, and we have asked the designers to add some appropriate covered areas, with seating, so that we can all enjoy more of the British weather!

  4. Looks pretty good. I like the access to the pool more and the river side. One Suggestion, I do think the grass area in front of the main admin building looks out of place if the current stone base stays.

    • Hi Scott. Thanks very much for commenting. Yes – the waterfronts will be much better. Do you have any other ideas for how the space in front of the MAB could be improved?

  5. Oh, Grass! We need grass! Much better than tarmac! Am now dreaming of sitting on the grass outside the Atrium with my lunch and a textbook!

  6. I think the plans and the visuals look amazing, and the improvements will not only add to the student experience, but also for staff working here.
    However, I can only see one covered bike shed on the plans, beside the canoe club. Are there plans for secure, enclosed bike sheds on the south side of the tracks?

  7. Great work, a vast improvement to the campus. Just a shame that when summer does eventually kick in, most student’s are here to enjoy the sunshine! lol.

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation happen.

    • Hi Chris… Yes – the island in the Brayford is going to be extended this year to provide a larger habitat for wildfowl. This has the advantage of being separated from people by the water, so that it won’t need to be fenced off. We’re also considering other opportunities to improve habitats and biodiversity on and around the campus.

  8. These plans seem very boring. There is nothing innovative here. The propositions look like a clone campus. Have you got any students from the university involved? They could probably come up with something more inventive

    My main problem is that none of the propositions really integrate the natural features well. Four trees between the library and SU. Seriously?

    The yellow learning pavillion looks very kitsch. Stop going for the BAM! factor. There are more intelligent ways to integrate trees and features.

    When i studied at Lincoln the lack of planting on the campus really bothered me. Even the pond and field was pretty astro turf. Can the shape of the pond not be changed? The steep slope is very unattractive and this whole area could be leveled better to create more intimate spots for people to reside

    The idea i do like are the platforms on 05.

    Anyway from looking at the recent university expansions Lincoln have a knack for doing things on the cheap

    Ultimately if the materials are not of high quality the university will end up looking more tacky.

  9. Why were so many silver birch trees chopped down outside LPAC? Surely the landscaping scheme should/could have been developed around the existing and mature trees. I am not normally too phased about what goes on, on campus, but I was really quite shocked to walk in one morning and see so many gone.

    • Hi Jane… Thanks for commenting.

      Removing mature trees is never an easy decision. The design team felt that these trees were not contributing anything to the overall design of the landscaping in that area, and that a much better effect could be achieved by improving the overall look of this location, which will include a lawned area which allows people to linger and enjoy the space more.

      The re-landscaped library square will see 4 semi-mature trees planted as part of this phase of works. Overall, the landscaping programme will increase the number of trees planted around the campus.

      • Warm words Sam, but putting in four new trees isn’t really a consolation for the number that were taken out. We have lots of grass on campus and I rarely see anyone lingering on any of it, but I regularly saw people using the trees for shade and shelter when they were still there.

  10. I agree with Jane. I do not consider myself particularly “green” but it was painful to watch mature trees being hacked down and shredded!

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  13. Hi, how far have you got with these plans? Are there a lot more grassy areas to sit and work now or are they still being developed?

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