New Teaching & Learning Spaces for 2013/14

For September 2013, we are creating and improving seminar rooms, lecture rooms and social learning spaces across the campus to enhance student and staff experiences and support growing numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate students in line with the University’s Strategic Plan and Masterplan.


The new and improved spaces are distributed across campus:

  • Three new seminar and staff development rooms (MB3201, MB3202 and MB3203) and a new Learning Lounge (MB3200) on the third floor of the Main Admin Building (see project page for more information)
  • Two new seminar rooms (BL0101 and BL0106) in Bridge House
  • Two new seminar rooms (BL2100 and BL2111) in the David Chiddick Building
  • Two new seminar rooms (MT207 and MT208) in the EMMTEC
  • One new seminar room (MC3107) and new refurbished seminar rooms (MC0019 and MC0020) in the MHT Building (we’re also making some improvements to Computing Labs A and D)
  • Enlargement of the Jackson Lecture Theatre (MB0603) from 243 to 331 seats to reduce double teaching, and installation of new displays to improve viewing angles and distances

This is in addition to the two new seminar rooms (UL110 and UL111) and the new social learning area in Library 1.5 and the new gallery and sculpture terrace in the New Art & Design Building.



BL2100 – one of the new seminar rooms for September 2013


All of the seminar and lecture spaces will be bookable by students and staff once the annual timetable is set. The new social learning spaces in the Library, the MAB and the New Art & Design Building will be open to all students and staff.


MB3200 – the new third floor lounge in the Main Admin Building


Each of these investment projects has been triggered and/or shaped by feedback from students, academics and professional support staff over the last 12 months, through commmitees, surveys and informal dialogues.



MC3107 – one of the new seminar rooms for September 2013


The new spaces have all been designed to support Student as Producer, the University’s organising principle for teaching and learning. There are six new fluid-layout seminar rooms, with Node chairs to support fast transitions between multiple layouts. The other five new seminar rooms, in Library 1.5 and the MAB, have more fixed layouts, optimised for small group discussions and knowledge production.


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