THE Student Experience Survey

We analyse all of the major student and staff surveys in order to learn how we can improve the University’s learning landscape.

In this year’s Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2013, the University has climbed 43 places, moving from 66th place last year to 23rd place this year, out of the 102 institutions included in the survey.

We are absolutely delighted to see such a marked increase in student satisfaction, especially since so many of the questions in the THE SES relate directly to the campus and facilities.

We have been carefully listening, reading and acting on your feedback through surveys, committee meetings, conferences, tweets and blog comments, so it’s extremely encouraging to see this magnitude of improvement.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Here’s the full results table: PDF | Excel

We have an unprecedented programme of campus improvement projects underway for this September. However, there is always more we can do and surveys like this help to direct our efforts.

If we look at our rank on each of the 22 questions in the survey, we can understand in more detail what students are telling us about the campus. In some areas (shaded blue below), our students ranked us significantly higher than 23rd – for example, 5th for centralised/convenient facilities and 14th for high-quality facilities.

THE SES 2013 graph

This is very useful as it indicates where we can build on our existing strengths and where we may need to direct more attention during 2013/14.

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