Library Learning Lounges

Library Learning Lounges are designed to be social and collaborative spaces to share your ideas as well as work in well equipped spaces around campus.

Here is a map showing the current Library Learning Lounges situated on the Brayford Campus.

LLL Locations Jan 2015

Minerva Building – Third Floor

  • Six tables with two cloud desktop computers on each.
    • Six chairs around each table.
    • Power outlets on each table for personal computers.
  • Access to A frame dry wipe boards
  • Eight sofas

Library – Ground Floor

  • Tables with chairs
  • Soft seating
  • Power outlets
  • Desktop computers
  • Safecom Printer
  • Laptop Loans

Junxion – Ground Floor

  • Two Rooms
  • Junxion 0006 & Junxion 0008
    • Two media tables in each room.
    • Personal Computer connectivity through HDMI to the TV as well as desktop computer attached to the TV.
    • Six chairs around each table
    • A frame dry wipe boards
    • Soft seating



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