Peter Jamieson

Prof. Peter Jamieson is Strategic Advisor for Learning Environment Design at the University of Melbourne. His research and projects have had a tremendous impact on learning space  design globally, including in UK higher education.

The Campus is Dead: Long Live the Campus

Prof. Jamieson gave a lecture in 2009 at Loughborough University, entitled “The Campus is Dead: Long Live the Campus”, in which he outlined core principles and propositions for designing new learning environments.

The lecture is available to watch here.
Creating New Generation Learning Environments on the University Campus

In September 2007, the inaugural U21 Learning Environment Design Forum was held at the University of Melbourne. The Forum addressed the need of universities to create new generation learning environments on campus to support the shift towards more student-centred, collaborative and problem-based learning approaches. This publication outlines the intention, events and outcomes of the Forum detailing how participants approached the design challenges and ultimately why new generation learning environments are needed.

You can read the whole publication here.


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