Education Committee update for May 2014

The new Estates & Commercial Facilities Support Desk

The new Estates & Commercial Facilities Support Desk now covers the whole University estate including all teaching and learning environments. The Support desk is now handling over 1,000 maintenance, cleaning, porterage and security requests per month from students and staff.

Introducing the new Support Desk has been a major project for the department, involving closer collaboration between our teams and our suppliers, as well as new software systems supported by ICT Services.

We introduced the new Support Desk to students and staff at a roadshow in April, and received over 100 comments on our service, the vast majority of which are positive. We are aiming to deliver further improvements in service quality now that our new contracts, systems and processes are up and running. The new Support Desk combined with the new planned maintenance management regime being introduced for 2014/15 should lead to reduced incidence and duration of problems in the teaching and learning environment.

Students and staff have several options for contacting the new Support Desk:

  • Self-service on the Portal
  • Email
  • Telephone 01522 886777 during business hours (8:30am – 5:00pm Mon – Thurs, 8:30am – 4:30pm Friday)
  • Telephone 01522 886062 outside business hours (emergency only)

Students and staff can learn more about our new Support Desk and review our initial performance data in our presentation (pdf).

Joseph Banks Laboratories and Minster House


We “Hope” you like the new buildings…

The new home for the Schools of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry will open this summer. The two buildings will provide over 6,000 square metres of new teaching, learning and research space and will transform the learning and research experience for students in these three Schools. The building also includes six new meeting rooms, four new seminar rooms and several social learning spaces, which will be available to all University students and staff. The new seminar and meeting spaces will be bookable via the University’s Room Booking system. The room prefix for the building is JBL.

Dave Prichard has posted some fantastic new progress photos from the construction site – you can take a look here.

New and improved facilities for 2014/15

We are working to provide further new and improved facilities for 2014/15 across the campus, including teaching and learning spaces and working environments for a number of departments. We will report on these in more detail at a future meeting of Education Committee. Students and staff can also visit the Learning Landscapes website at any time for updates on campus development.


Sketch of the Nucleus within the Joseph Banks Laboratories, one of the new and improved teaching and learning environments opening for 2014/15.

Learning Landscapes roadshow in November

We are planning to run a Learning Landscapes roadshow in November to engage with students and staff around the recent and future development of learning spaces. We are in the early stages of planning this event and would like to hear from you if you have any specific issues you would like us to focus on. Please leave comments or questions below, email us at, or tweet @LincolnEstates.

We will announce further details of the roadshow on the Learning Landscapes website. You can subscribe to receive email notification using the Subscribe box on the home page of the Learning Landscapes website.

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